Academic Papers about Customer Intelligence

This website presents the scientific research of the customer intelligence cluster of the Department of Marketing at Ghent University. The field we practice is also known as analytical customer relationship management (CRM) / Business Intelligence in Marketing / Predictive Analytics in Marketing / Customer Data Mining.

Here you will find direct links to the full papers available for download. Publishers forced us to take down the full text of some of the papers. Please contact dirk dot vandenpoel AT ugent dot be for a copy in that case.

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Some recently accepted papers include:

BALLINGS M., VAN DEN POEL D. & VERHAGEN E. (2015), Evaluating the Added Value of Pictorial Data for Customer Churn Prediction, Forthcoming in Expert Systems with Applications.

DE BEULE M., VAN DEN POEL D. & VAN DE WEGHE N. (2014), An extended Huff-model for robustly benchmarking and predicting retail network performance, Applied Geography, 46 (1), 80-89.

VENKATESH K., RAVI V. PRINZIE, A. & VAN DEN POEL D. (2014), Cash Demand Forecasting in ATMs by Clustering and Neural Networks, European Journal of Operational Research, 232 (2), 5383-392.

D'HAEN J. & VAN DEN POEL D. (2013), Model-supported business-to-business prospect prediction based on an iterative customer acquisition framework, Industrial Marketing Management, 42 (4), 544-551.

D'HAEN J., VAN DEN POEL D. & THORLEUCHTER D. (2013), Predicting Customer Profitability During Acquisition: Finding the Optimal Combination of Data Source and Data Mining Technique, Expert Systems with Applications, 40 (6), 2007-2012.

Education / Training

At the Department of Marketing we also have a specialized Master program in predictive analytics: "Master of Science in Marketing Analysis" (a one-year master program), as well as "Marketing Engineering" (a two-year master as part of Business Engineering).

Moreover, we offer tailor-made training for companies or sectors, such as retail or financial services/banking.